Semester 1 independent study


Images I created in photoshop to use as reference for paintings.

These urban decay photos of mainstream companies are inspired by the current political climate.  The heartless, inhumane, self serving, environmentally detrimental etc…companies (politicians) create a nice facade to the public that is not truly representative of their one and only interest - money.  My vision in these paintings is that a balanced, honest, natural order will ultimately prevail. 

McDonalds copy.jpg


Ideas I'm working through:

City Scenes

-monochrome with more color underpainting.

-street perspective with more figures looking out activating the space (engaging for the viewer)

-statue of Liberal being constructed in France or other symbols of freedom (tension, is it being constructed or destroyed?)

Dust Bowl Carnaval

-HBO series Carnaval of the Dust Bowl

-Simple and dusty landscape with Carnaval figures 

Politician, Priest, Janitor - Collage

-politician/priest made up of striper card

-janitor made up of superman cards

"the Eye looking for itself" 'what you are looking for is what you are looking from"

Historic, family found images of struggle- figurative images in new setting and relating to each other and the environment


Fishing Lure Mobil

-fishing lures with 3prong hooks attached to a mobil.

-concepts art of each representing positive and negative temptations (Makaveli symbol with figure, female body, money, power, truth, lies, the search for rest, etc..)