I'm passionate about people, beauty, and simplicity and my Impressionist style often focuses on interpersonal relationships and the way in which people relate to their surroundings. I live a life with a true sense of adventure and openness, always waiting to see what might present itself, to inspire my next oil painting. Whether the subtle interaction of two figures along a city street or the bold colors of boxers, my interest lies in the body language of the individuals rather than the individuals features themselves and how their non-verbal cues promote the narrative. I don’t fancy descriptive titles for my work, but rather chose to leave it open to the viewer’s interpretation, allowing everyone to make their own personal connection as they create their own story within the piece. I'm constantly mining my life experiences, however lasting or fleeting they may be. I work in layers of oil paint with varied edges and glazes to produce texture, atmosphere, and strong focal points. I paint on canvas and reclaimed wood and panels. I learn something new with each painting regarding techniques and my reasoning for getting involved with the subject matter.