As with my life, I try and let my artwork unfold at its own natural pace, trusting I’ll be given clues along the way eventually leading to a finished piece. I'm constantly mining my life experiences, however lasting or fleeting they may be.  An idea enters my thoughts and as I rethink it over time the trajectory of the idea constantly gets refined and its course corrected. After this mental editing, and maybe some hands on problem solving, I’m ready to get started. Even then as I get underway I remain open to the unpredictability of its unfolding.

There is a certain amount of structure and order in my work that is reassuring to me.  This can come in the form of recognizable imagery or it can be more abstract, as with multiple panels or an image cut up for a collage.  This structure gives me a sense of order which allows me the freedom to create and venture into the unknown. These foundational elements also often serve to inform my work in the process.

I work in layers of oil paint with varied edges and glazes to produce texture, atmosphere, and strong focal points. I paint on canvas, reclaimed wood and panels. I learn something new with each painting regarding techniques and my reasoning for getting involved a certain subject matter or idea.